I am a maker of contemporary functional, ceremonial, and sacred art, object, and artifact. My work is in creating deeply energetic forms.

Small objects fascinate me. The precious and the cherished are my aim. I take sculpture off its pedestal. The opposite of public art, this work is private and intimate in nature. My work graces bedrooms, altars, sacred spaces, and precious places.

A direct carver, I follow and refine the line and shape of raw material, bringing each form to its highest level of integrity

My work is ecocentric and animist in nature. I gather my own materials from the earth and work each piece into unique, organic forms, vessels, and sculptures.

Each piece is a meditation, a haiku, a prayer. Each piece is the product of that dance between two beings, the beingness of the stone and the mindfulness of my hands.

Gallery Representation

Milieu Gallery • Portland, OR
Peterson/Roth Gallery • Bend, OR
Joryel Vega Collection • Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Salmon Falls Gallery • Shelburne Falls, MA
Diana Felber Gallery • West Stockbridge, MA

2018 Festival Schedule

Best of the Northwest • Seattle, WA • March 24-25
Edmonds Arts Festival • Edmonds, WA • June 15-17
Bellevue Festival of the Arts • Bellevue, WA • July 27-29
Anacortes Arts Festival •Anacortes, WA • August 3-5